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2023-10-17 User Feedback Meeting

Team Updates:

Sean: - Sent out 4 emails, received 2 responses already - Is keeping track of outreach activity in a csv file - Emails should be very communicative, and the person responsible must be mindful of maintaining the same style.

Action Items: - We’ll parallelize sending out the emails to the GH users - Sean: We need to delicately push the user into providing us as much as information as possible - Pavish is going to add CRM entries for 2 users who have filled our survey and interested in having a conversation with us - Pavish: We should prioritize sending emails and reaching out to them since they are organic leads - Pavish will be sending out the emails. He will request a review once he’s drafted the mails. - We need to set a notification for the surveys. Ghislaine will be figuring this out.

Next: - We’ll discuss emailing the mailing list after we are ready with the release and the funding announcement. - Single mail with funding announcement, current progress, and call link. - We’ll discuss Phase-3 (increasing the top part of the funnel eg., with chat option in our website) next week, once Ghislaine is back.