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2023-10-10 Phase 1 finalization call with Kriti

  • Questions for Kriti:
    • SavvyCal – round robin vs single person (Ghislaine)
    • Group email – Fresh desk vs CC-ed Google group
    • Do we need to make any adjustments to the email content related to the gift card amount?


  • For the first few weeks:
    • It would make sense to have one person (or both to work out all the kinks) form the User Interview project being on the calls
  • SavvyCal:
    • To begin with, we will go with a single person (Ghislaine) handling the scheduling
  • Group email:
    • Kriti recommends using Freshdesk to send mails and the email for calls
  • Incentives:
    • It would make sense to send the first set of emails without an incentive to the GH users
    • We can figure out the incentive for the mailing list later.
    • Take out the word Amazon, we’ll only mention a $25 giftcard.