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2023-10-10 User Feedback meeting


  • Attending: Sean, Ghislaine, Pavish
  • Note-taker: Sean, Pavish

Updates on previous action items

Ghislaine: - Email to Kriti has been sent. - Ghislaine’s adding more content to existing users’ CRM pages - Ghislaine & Kriti have decided on a note for the gift card - Kriti suggested to do $25 for 30 min and $50 Amazon gift card for an hour. - Group email portion needs to be resolved

Pavish: - If you want to do round robin scheduling or single-email scheduling, Pavish has figured this out. - Kriti said she thought it would be best if we used the round robin method - Pavish still thinks that we should use a single-point-of-contact to schedule. - No other action-items for Ghislaine or Sean at this point

Questions for Kriti: - SavvyCal – round robin vs single person (Ghislaine) - - Group email – Fresh desk vs CC-ed Google group - Do we need to make any adjustments to the email content related to the gift card amount?

Buffer Time - Buffer period: We should plan for at least 1hr between calls and at least 1 day between scheduling and call time

Future actions

CRM: - We should add people to the CRM who filled out the “Installation request” form on our website - Pavish: how do we deal with naming collisions? - Sean: it’s messy, we’re going to have to address this as it comes up - Pavish: Maybe we should look into other CRM products at some point soon? - Sean: I don’t think this is a good use of time right now

Phase 2: - Sending email messages to mailing list and installation requests people