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List data type - Frontend specs

Creating a column

From the table’s view: 1. The user clicks on the “+” button. 2. The usual modal is displayed. Among the type options, the list type is displayed.


  1. The user has to set a name for the column. They also have to choose the list type. After clicking this option, the user has to choose the type of the items that the list will contain. A sub-list of the currently supported data types is displayed (excluding the list type).


  1. The “Add” button is enabled and the user has to click on it in order to create the list column.



  • Only one-dimensional (1-D) arrays are going to be supported, therefore, the user is not going to be prompted to provide a “dimensions” argument.
  • Nested/multi-dimensional arrays are going to be displayed and treated as strings. Example of multi-dimensional arrays: nested_arrays_pills.png

  • For already existing Postgresql databases from the user, which could contain multi-dimensional arrays, we can add an information note on the sidebar that warns about this constraint. The message could be something like: “Only 1-D lists/arrays are supported. If there exist items with more dimensions, then the entire column will be considered as a list of strings type”. list_info_box.png