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“Database Connections” Page Design Specs

Design Link: Figma Design


  • The goal is to create a dedicated page titled “Database Connections.” This will serve as the primary entry point for managing and setting up connections. Read more about the issue here: Github Issue
  • This page should be accessible from the main navigation menu when clicking on the Mathesar logo.
  • Post-installation, this will be the initial onboarding step for users.
  • Users with a single database connection will be automatically redirected to the “Database Page” for that specific connection upon clicking the Mathesar logo.
  • Users with multiple database connections will be navigated to the “Database Connections” page when selecting the Mathesar logo or the “Database Connections” menu item, allowing them to choose from their available connections.
  • This redirection behavior avoids unnecessary navigation steps for users with only one connection.

List of Connections

The list of connections is the main content of the page. It should be a table with the following columns:

  • Connection Name
  • Database Name
  • Host
  • Port
  • Action Buttons (Edit & Delete)


  • Users should be able to search for a specific connection by its ‘Connection Name’.
  • Column header interactions: Sorting by any column. Default sort by ‘Connection Name’.
  • On-hover state for each row.
  • Click on ‘Connection Name’ to view database and schemas.


  • The list should support pagination if the number of connections exceeds a predefined limit. The goal should be to have the table fit within the viewport without scrolling so that the header is always visible.

Empty State:

When no database connections are present:

  • Display a message: “No database connections yet. Seems you haven’t set up any connections. To use Mathesar, you’ll need to connect one.”
  • Provide an “Add Database Connection” button that opens the “New Database Connection” modal.

Adding New Database Connection

Modal Form:


  • The modal should be opened by clicking on the “Add Database Connection” button in the empty state.
  • The modal should be opened by clicking on the “New Database Connection” button in the Connections List page.

Editing Database Connection

Modal Form:

  • The modal should be titled “Edit Database Connection”. Provide an inline form (or modal) similar to the addition form but pre-filled with the existing details.
  • The modal is pre-filled with the existing details except for the ‘Password’ field.

Deleting Database Connection

Before deletion, prompt users with a confirmation dialog.

Confirmation Dialog:

  • The modal should be titled “Delete Database Connection?”.
  • The modal should display the name of the connection to be deleted.
  • The modal includes a checkbox to “Also delete associated Mathesar schemas”.
  • The modal should provide a warning note explaining that deleting the associated Mathesar schemas will delete all the related data.


  • The modal should be opened by clicking on the “Delete” button in the Connections List table.

Database Page Modifications

As part of this design, the current database page must be modified to remove the sidebar database navigation.