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2024-01-29 Staff Meeting

Release check in

QA testing notes

Work remaining

Build from scratch

  • Brent has modified some docs to address some of the problems that Kriti ran into.
  • Brent ran through the steps on Debian 12 and got it running.
  • Kriti proposes that we skip the upgrade testing for “build from scratch”
  • Audience:
    • Kriti: it would be nice to have a guide for people setting up a cloud server, e.g. GCP
    • We’ll hone this better for the next release

TODO items blocking release:

  • Sean: Modify “build from scratch” docs to bump the Node and npm versions up to newer versions
    • Node: Atleast v18
    • npm: Atleast v9
  • Sean: docs changes blocking release:
    • Add general disclaimer for upgrade instructions
    • Add special disclaimer for “build from scratch” upgrade instructions
    • Invite reader to contribute docs improvements within build from scratch install and upgrade docs
  • Brent: Address Met with empty schemas page after docker-compose upgrade
  • Sean: Merge docs PR
  • Pavish: If #3426 has code changes, re-test after changes. (If it’s docs-only changes, then no re-testing necessary)
  • Pavish will re-build images after testing
  • Sean and Pavish: work together to do all release steps

TODO after release: