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2023-04 Usability Improvements

  • Name: 2023-04 Usability Improvements
  • Status: Cut short to move on to other work


Project Owner: Sean

Workers Reviewers
UX design Sean Ghislaine, Pavish
Front end Sean Pavish
Back end Sean Mukesh


This project is a collection of smaller usability-related tickets that seem to present low-hanging fruit for improving UX.


Work plan

Task Work Days Deadline Status
(Project start date) 0 2023-03-29
Clipboard UX design UX design 5 2023-04-07 ✅ Done: PR, Specs
Copy from Mathesar, paste elsewhere Front end 3 2023-04-07 Done
Drag to select from active cell Front end 2 2023-04-14 Done
Selection stuck in drag mode Front end 1 2023-04-14 Done
Filtering via column header Front end 2 2023-04-14 Done
Persistent column widths Full stack 3 2023-04-21 ❌ To do
Resizable sidebars Front end 3 2023-04-26 Done
Persistent sidebar widths Front end 1 2023-04-26 Done
TSV serialization improvements Front end 1 2023-05-10 Done
Paste into cells Full stack 9 2023-05-10 🛑 Blocked by API work

TOTAL TIME: 20 days (4 weeks)


  • Note that Copy from Mathesar, paste elsewhere is an implementation task that falls within the broader design covered by Clipboard UX design. It’s a relatively narrow subset of the total implementation that the design will eventually specify, but it’s the most straightforward piece to implement and design, so that’s why it’s included in this project. This project does not include any other implementation for the copy-paste functionality. The idea here is to take some baby steps toward better clipboard behavior by doing the research and design work we need in order to better specify all the work that we’ll need to do later.
  • I plan to tackle Clipboard UX design and Copy from Mathesar, paste elsewhere concurrently, at least to start. I need to gain an understanding of the behavior and limitations of clipboards and web clipboard APIs. Working to implement the “paste elsewhere” feature will help me lay groundwork for the broader clipboard UX questions.
  • I plan to timebox the clipboard design. When this project is completed, there may still be additional clipboard design work left, I’ll organize the remaining work into more detailed tickets.



(See work plan)