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Team Communication Tool


We use GitHub for code, issue tracking, and long form discussions. Please see Workflow for more information.


Everyone has an email address that we use for everything work-related. We don’t generally use much email.

admins [at] mathesar [dot] org is a Google Group that some Mathesar staff members are on. We use it for shared accounts (e.g. DockerHub). Emails sent to it forward to all of us.


We use Loom to record and store narrated screen recordings for asynchronous communication. It’s useful to walk through a feature in a pull request, walk through a new design, or just ask questions.


We use Matrix for chat. We have our own homeserver and everyone on the core team has accounts that they’re expected to use for work. You can also join our public rooms with your private account if you’d like.

Please see Community for a list of public rooms.


We use Slack for chatting with the CCI team and community. Feel free to browse and join any public channels, there are a lot of them.



We use Figma and FigJam to create, share, and comment on design and brainstorming documents.

Balsamiq Cloud

We use Balsamiq Cloud to create and share low-fidelity wireframes.

We’ve suspended this for now.

Google Drive

We have a Mathesar Google Drive where we put documents. We don’t use this a lot since most of our documents are public.


We use HackMD for collaborative note taking (e.g. for meetings). The format is Markdown and it syncs to GitHub, so it’s also useful to create drafts of wiki pages since we can push documents to the wiki repo.


This wiki. We use it as a team knowledge base. We will use it for public documentation in the future.


Google Cloud Platform

We use Google Cloud Platform to host our servers, specifically:

  • The Mathesar Matrix homeserver
  • The Mathesar wiki
  • The Mathesar staging server

Access is controlled via Google Groups.



We currently use CCI’s 1Password account to share Mathesar-related passwords (e.g. staging server auth, credentials for our GitHub bot account, etc.)


We use SavvyCal to schedule meetings with third-parties (e.g. interviews). Not everyone has a SavvyCal account, we set them up as needed.

Google Calendar

We use Google Calendar to manage our calendars.

It is expected that you keep your calendar up to date so that people can schedule meetings without having to check with you about availability. The working hours feature is especially useful. You should set your working hours to when you’re available for meetings; you’re not necessarily expected to be working during all of those hours.

We have two shared calendars:

  • The Mathesar calendar is used for shared Mathesar-related events.
  • The CCI Vacation calendar is used to note when you’ll be taking time off. Please update it in advance.


We use Syften to get email alerts of mentions of Mathesar and related topics on social media, forums, and blogs.