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Owner: Kriti
Helpers: Brent, Sean, Ghislaine, Anish

Day-to-day maintenance tasks

Respond to Syften notifications

Syften notifications are auto-assigned to the “Marketing” group in Freshdesk. They cover Hacker News and Reddit.

If a comment or post can be considered user feedback, please flag it to the owner of the user feedback responsibility.

Process for responding:

  • Share the post in the Mathesar - Marketing Matrix channel.
  • Decide if a response is needed and who will respond.
  • Compose a response.
    • Share in the channel if you want feedback before posting.
  • Post the response.

Guidelines for responding

  • If Mathesar is mentioned:
    • Responses should be aimed at thanking people, addressing people’s concerns, and/or answering questions.
    • Responses should people to existing conversations, issues, and discussions as much as possible.
  • If someone mentions a problem that Mathesar could be used to solve:
    • Responses should suggest using Mathesar in a tactful way.
    • Our goal here should not be to shoehorn Mathesar into all sorts of use cases. Instead, we should be on the lookout only for cases that Mathesar is a good solution for.

Respond to Mathesar mentions on Twitter (X?)

Twitter needs to be monitored manually. Sign in to Twitter (credentials in 1Password) and click on the “Notifications” tab.

  • Re-tweet it from our account and/or thank them for the shoutout.
  • Only re-tweet if the tweet appears to be from a real person or organization. Do not re-tweet bot accounts (e.g. “First Issues Bot”).
  • Also respond to questions, etc. as outlined in the Syften section.

Make release announcements

Release announcements should include highlights from release notes. We should avoid the announcements following a template because people tend to ignore repetitive things.

  • Post a message in the Mathesar - General channel on Matrix announcing the release
  • Post a message to the developers and users mailing lists announcing the release
  • Tweet when we publish a new release
  • TODO: also figure out where / how to post on Reddit for new releases

Sporadic maintenance tasks

  • Clean up marketing Freshdesk tickets and close the ones with no action items.
  • Evaluate Syften keywords and update them if needed.
  • Make progress on our Mathesar launch publicity checklist, delegate tasks as needed.
    • We’ll hold off on making new announcements until our installation process is improved
  • Keep track of where we’re getting traffic from (using Syften, GitHub Insights and our analytics), and track notable sources in the Marketing History page
    • Also post noteworthy publicity to the Mathesar - Marketing channel on Matrix.
  • Add Mathesar to aggregators (tracked in this issue).
    • Feel free to ask the owner to review any copy written for this.
  • Do research on more relevant aggregators that Mathesar could be added to and add them to the issue.

Higher-level tasks

  • Maintain and execute go-to-market strategy
  • Maintain the marketing website, and decide what changes are needed when.
    • Create issues and ensure the work is tracked and delegated appropriately.

Notes & Resources

  • See Marketing section of the wiki.
  • Eventually, the plan is to create an “evangelism guide” (example)