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Ghislaine’s work log


  • Niche Research
  • Database credentials design
  • Survey edits
  • Niche discussion w Brent


  • Write down notes from meeting w Sean
  • Database credentials design


  • Niche research
  • Niche discussion w Sean
  • Review github mentions / other discussions

Current Focus - Niche research


  • Setting up meetings to discuss niche research.
  • Niche research.
  • Preparing notes to share during calls with team.

Current Focus: - Prepare my notes for sharing with the team and getting feedback.


  • Check-in with Kriti.
  • Updated the survey.
  • Worked on the niche research.


  • Niche research into Small Businesses using PostgreSQL.
  • Team meeting.

Current Focus: - Survey Banner - Niche Research (Market and Needs of Small Businesses using PostgreSQL)


  • Added the survey banner to the website and opened a draft PR.
  • Making some final changes to the survey and getting ready to publish it.
  • Niche research into Small Businesses using PostgreSQL.
  • Collecting more data and preparing the different sections of the report.

Current Focus: - Survey Banner - Niche Research (Market and Needs of Small Businesses using PostgreSQL)


  • Started organizing for research, finding different sources.
  • Made changes to the survey for publishing.
  • Caught up on emails and discussions.

Current Focus:

  • Publishing the survey.
  • Listing out all the sources for the Niche research and organizing them.


  • Prepared and updated the Niche Research project document.
  • Prepared for the team weekly meeting.


  • Reviewed the installation plan.
  • Had a feedback call with Mukesh.
  • Updated the niche research document based on talks with Brent and Pavish.

Current Focus

  • Update the survey and request feedback.


  • Had calls discussing use cases with team members.
  • Talked with Brent and Pavish about niche research.
  • Checked in with Kriti on team use cases feedback.

Current Focus Update the niche research document.


  • Niche research document
  • Had calls discussing use cases with team members.


I spent a significant portion of the day scheduling calls with various team members. Also organizing additional time to discuss installation design requirements. I also planned specific times to discuss niche research with both Brent and Pavish.

To make the upcoming feedback meetings more structured, I prepared a set of questions focusing on discussing the use cases feedback, especially targeting those team members who missed the first round of calls. I’ve updated the call plan to integrate our niche research focus, given that we have already narrowed down to a particular niche.

Current Focus:

  • Request feedback on the form survey.
  • Conducting feedback sessions.
  • Preparing an update for my scheduled call with Kriti tomorrow.


Today and yesterday were slow days due to some personal matters I had to attend to. However, I did manage to initiate some research on potential niche sources. Additionally, I started to simplify our survey, aiming to make it concise enough for adding a link on our website.

Current Focus:

  • Building out the survey form using tools like Google Forms or similar platforms.
  • Continuing with niche research project research.


Worked on the initial draft for our Niche Research project. Began exploring methods to shape our personas. We also had our weekly team catch-up.

Current Focus:

  • Organize meetings with team members who missed the initial one-on-ones.
  • Get feedback on the Niche Research project draft.
  • Start the groundwork for the project.


Wrapped up my notes on use cases feedback from team members. Also made necessary updates to our survey to make it more goal oriented. Kriti and I discussed upcoming tasks and I put together a simple plan for Niche Research.

Current Focus:

  • Start draft for Niche Research project.


Today, I had further conversations with several team members to gather their thoughts and perspectives. Following these discussions, I spent time organizing the notes. I aim to review these with Kriti to validate the findings and ensure we’re moving in the right direction.

Current Focus:

  • Finalizing notes from team discussions for review.
  • Finalizing the updates to the survey based on team feedback and insights.


Today was a slower-paced day. I reviewed the notes taken from team discussions during the week. I also continued adjusting the survey based on the current goals.

Current Focus:

  • Reviewing and adjusting the survey to learn more about niches.
  • Continuing to research and understand our identified niches.


Today, I engaged in multiple conversations with team members about the use cases we’ve identified, the data we’re capturing, and the insights we’ve gathered so far.

I’m currently working on preparing the surveys for our niche research. Additionally, I’m planning to have more conversations with other team members to gain their perspectives and insights on our work so far.

Aditionally, I worked on updating the design for creating the admin user.

Current Focus:

  • Updating the surveys for niche research.
  • Continuing discussions with team members for feedback and insights.


Yesterday, my focus was on refining the niche research we’ve started. This process involved examining existing surveys and considering how we might modify them to better understand our identified niches. The goal is to collect insights into these niches and evaluate their suitability for our project.

During our weekly meeting, several important points were raised. I revisited the niche research document to reflect these discussion points and ensured that it accurately represented our current understanding and future plans.

Current Focus:

  • Continuing to refine the niche research and surveys.


Today, I kept working on understanding the various niches we’ve identified. The goal is to find use cases that match our project’s goals and consider the needs of different user personas. I also added new data to our user research database and have been looking at products that already exist in each category. This helps us identify new use cases and get a better understanding of each category.

I had a chat with Kriti today about how the research is going. We talked about what I’ve found so far, how I’m doing the research, and how we might improve. We’re also planning to talk to other team members to get their thoughts on the user research and the use cases we’ve found.

Current Focus:

  • Digging deeper into the niches and their use cases.
  • Adding more data to our user research database.
  • Getting feedback from the team on our research and use cases.