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Pavish’s work log archive: 2023-07


  • Raised PR for viewing shared queries: #3133
  • Started figuring out UX and implementation for ‘user sharing an entity’ flow
  • Matrix discussion on users who don’t want schemas installed on their DB
  • Spent a bit of time trying to reduce connections in tests and fix failing ones


  • Took a sick day off
  • Pondered a bit on users who do not want to install Mathesar schemas on their DB


  • Built and pushed an one-off docker build for a user request
  • Continued backend work on query sharing
  • Started implementing frontend for viewing shared query
  • Had a partial work day, as I was sick



  • Pondered a bit on how to handle related entities in shared pages, mainly filtering linked records and the record selector
  • Discussions



  • Pondered on how to separate context on frontend for shared routes and normal authenticated routes
  • Community Team event



  • Reviewed installation improvements project and raised some questions.
  • Responded to barriers to adoption email
  • Weekly meeting
  • Continued work on Shared tables:
    • Frontend work on displaying the shared page


  • Raised draft PR with models, APIs, and access control for shares
  • Needed to figure out if I might hit snags while building frontend, so decided to work on a minimal frontend simultaneously:
    • Added view for page when user views shared entity
  • Added auth bypass for tables, columns, and constraints
  • Work on figuring out passing slug in request header



  • Continued work on implementing APIs for Shares
  • Had to fight with the framework for simplifying access control
    • Got to read up on a bunch of DRF and drf-access-policy internals
  • Continued thinking on auth bypass & access control for table requests


  • Go through backend codebase to understand access controls
  • Put some more thought on access control for bypassing table requests


  • Write up Shares implementation project
  • Update product spec with API structure details
  • Continued work on implementing APIs for Shares


  • Installation planning meeting
  • Chat with Kriti on shareable links API structure
  • Work on figuring out API structure needed for shareable links


  • Started work on models and APIs needed for shareable links project


  • Core team event


  • Frontend team meeting
  • Weekly meeting
  • 1:1 with Kriti
  • Installation planning meeting
  • Prepped for frontend team meeting