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Release v0.1.2

Name: Release v0.1.2 Status: In review


  • This project is a collection of items needed for v0.1.2 release.
  • Primary focus of v0.1.2:
  • Installation improvements
  • Ability to switch user databases
  • Fixes and improvements based on user raised issues/bugs
  • The spec for Installation improvements is tracked separately as it is a project of it’s own.
  • The team should prioritize release items assigned to them until the release is complete.


Role Assignee Notes
Owner Pavish
Approver - Project plan Kriti Needs to approve project plan
Contributor - Design Ghislaine Creates designs for ‘switching user databases’
Contributors - Design review Sean, Pavish, Kriti (final approval) Reviews UX design
Contributor - Frontend Pavish Implements frontend for ‘switching user databases’ and works on any critical frontend issue that might come up during the release cycle
Contributor - Frontend review Sean Reviews frontend code
Contributor - Backend Dominykas Ensures ‘switching user databases’ works as expected and works on any crticial backend issue that might come up during the release cycle
Contributor - Backend review Mukesh Reviews backend code
Contributor - Hiring testing team Kriti Hires testing team and creates required communication channels
Contributor - Managing testing team Pavish Organizes/communicates with team for testing the release
Contributors - Testing plan Pavish, Mukesh (for installation testing plan) Comes up with the release testing plan
Contributors - Testing Testing team from Upwork Performs testing

Work plan

  • Create necessarry issues and clean up milestone v0.1.2.
  • Installation improvements and Implementation of switching user databases will happen in parallel.
  • Any critical issue that comes up during this phase will be taken up in the same release based on effort involved and user impact.
  • If an issue requires a hotfix, it will take the hightest priority and v0.1.2 will be a hotfix release, and this plan will shift to the next release.
  • Hire testing team, prepare testing plan, and manage testing once required features are complete.
  • Handle issues that might come up during testing.
  • The release process will remain same as our previous releases.
  • Here is the release process document for creating a release.
  • The release management ongoing responsibility is not yet documented. It will be updated during the course of this release and will contain more detailed information.

The plan is more high level, since individual tasks will be tracked using GH issues.


  • There are unknowns with testing since we’re hiring external people, which might affect the timeline.
  • Issues uncovered during testing might affect the timeline.



  • Deadline for release will be 2023-05-10.
  • This is around 30 days from the start date, higher than anticipated, but essential for Installation improvements.
  • The release branch will be frozen by 2023-05-28. All PRs merged by then will be part of the release. Fixes for issues raised after that will be made on the release branch.
Date Outcome
2023-04-10 Work starts.
2023-04-18 Design work related to switching user databases is complete.
2023-04-18 Backend work related to switching user databases is complete.
2023-04-25 Frontend work related to switching user databases is complete.
2023-04-28 Work for Installation improvements is merged. See timeline in Installation improvements project. Release branch is created.
2023-05-01 Testing is continued as mentioned in Installation improvements. Any issue that comes up during testing will be fixed directly on the release branch.
2023-05-05 Fixes for issues raised during testing is complete.
2023-05-08 Release process starts.
2023-05-10 Release date.