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Comms Assignee


This page is archived and does not reflect current team workflow.

Every week, one person from the Mathesar core team is assigned to be the “Comms Assignee”. This means that they are in charge of communication with the community for that week.

Current Schedule

Please check the latest planning discussion for the current Comms Assignee schedule.


The idea behind the Comms Assignee is to let the rest of the team ignore GitHub notifications if they need to and trust that the Comms Assignee will let them know if there’s anything they need to do, such as weigh in on an issue or review a pull request.

How to do comms

Every day

  1. Respond to Matrix messages from community members in all channels.
  2. Look through issues that need triage and triage them.
  3. Look through recently updated issues and assign issues to community members who have commented with intent to start work.
  4. Look through new PRs for any lacking an assigned reviewer. Comment on the PR, requesting a review by tagging specific team members who you think would be suited to review it.

Ensure community members receive a response within 1 business day, either from you or someone else. You don’t need to resolve everything within one day though. With a new PR for example, you can comment on it, thank the contributor, and let them know when they can expect their PR to be reviewed.

Once per week

  • Open pull requests

    The Comms Assignee should check in on PRs from community contributors that have not seen any updates in a while. Do your best to help move the PR towards completion which include asking if the contributor needs any help.


  • Delegate tasks to other team members in as needed.

  • Thank new contributors for their time and point them towards other ways to get help if they need it.