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Project Template


This project is ridiculous on purpose. We are not doing this.

Status: Draft Review status: Draft Theme: User growth

Options for status: Draft: The owner is still writing up the project. In progress: Work on the project has started.


Complete: The project is over.

Options for review status: Draft: The owner is still writing up the project. In review: The project has been written up, but hasn’t been approved yet.


Approved: The project has been approved.


Theme is the broader goal or theme associated with the project. This is optional and can be omitted.


Project owner: Kriti

Role Assignee Reviewer Notes
Requirements Kriti Ghislaine, Dom, Rajat Product spec, requirements, GitHub issues
Design work Ghislaine Kriti, Dom, Rajat UI and UX
Backend work Dom Mukesh Backend specs and code
Frontend work Rajat Pavish Frontend specs and code


Users have reported wanting to order pizza through Mathesar’s UI.


  • Investigate pizza companies with good APIs.
  • Collect address information from users.
  • Figure out how to store pizza company API keys in config.
  • Check if address can be delivered to using API.
  • Figure out what a default pizza should be (e.g. cheese pizza)
  • If yes, add “Order Pizza NOW!!!” button to UI.
  • When user presses button, order default pizza.

To simplify implementation, we are not going to allow users to customize their pizza yet.


Mathesar’s next release will include the new feature described under “solution”.


  • Paying for all these pizzas will cost money.
  • Users could be allergic to pizza ingredients.


This section collects project related links. It’s expected that there might not be anything here until the project plan is approved, and this section will grow over the project’s timeframe.


This project should fit into the 2023-01-01 cycle.


Please adjust as needed depending on the steps for the project.