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This spec is a work in progress and should not be used to inform any decisions.


Formula columns are used to … in the context of data explorer. This spec will go over the different design requirements … allowing users to add, edit and interact with formulas etc.

Prototypes / Wireframes

Formula Parameters

Adding a Formula

Editing a Formula


Adding a Formula Column

User adds a formula

Formula requires a specific data type column

  • If table has no columns for that data type
    • The formula selector menu displays a message to inform users that a specific data type column is required.

User closes formula form without completing all the parameters


Formula Saving Pattern


Formula Selector

The formula selector is a component that lists and allows formula selection. The selector also includes a search input where users can enter the name of a formula to filter the list by matching formulas. The various formulas are categorized by formula type, and their contents are alphabetically sorted.