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Core team meeting 2023-03-17

Attendees: Brent, Dom, Ghislaine, Kriti, Mukesh, Pavish, Rajat, Sean

Responsibilities redistribution follow-up

Questions, clarifications, decisions

  • Sean: For projects, where should the source of truth be for assignments? In a central table? Or in each project’s page?
    • Decision: We’ll get rid of the grid, putting all project responsibilities in their respective pages
  • Sean: Can we use the word “leader” instead of “owner”? It seems more natural when referring to a specific role e.g. “Marketing team leader” instead of “Marketing team owner”
    • Decision: We’ll continue using the word “Owner”
  • Sean: Can we merge “Approver” and “contributor” into “helper”? Projects can be more specific if needed, but having only “helper” seems simpler as we’re looking at many projects at a high level
    • Decision: For ongoing responsibilities, we’ll use “helper”. For projects, we’ll have more specific roles, per project
  • Sean: We have “User Feedback” responsibility and “Feedback kickoff” project. Do we need to be tracking both right now? Should we at least ensure the same people are assigned to both?
    • Decision: Yes, we’ll continue to track the separately, we’ll have the same people assigned to both
  • Sean: What is the boundary between “User Feedback” and “Installation Help”?
    • Decision: some users might fall into both categories, in which case they’ll participate in both processes separately

Assign helpers

  • We took some time to adjust the people assigned to owning and helping with various roles, making lots of small decisions as we went

“File data types” vs “Frontend Usability Improvements”

Funding thoughts and update

Kriti gave an update about some of her plans and thinking for the upcoming funding project