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2023-07 product strategy

Name: 2023-07 product strategy Status: In progress Review status: Approved


Role Assignee Notes
Owner Kriti
Primary contributor Ghislaine Ghislaine will be working on research, ideation, facilitating discussions, and strategy
Contributors (discussions) Core team The entire team will be involved in discussions to ensure we’re all on the same page about product strategy


We need a strategy to help us decide what Mathesar’s product roadmap should be. We should have a clear idea of where we’re headed, what features are important for us to build, and how our product work will help us achieve our goals of user growth and sustainability.


We need to understand:

  • The kinds of problems that Mathesar is best suited to solve.
  • What our users are missing or struggling with and how to improve our product to meet their needs.
  • What kinds of features will expand the use cases that Mathesar can be used for.


As part of the project, we’ll be doing some of the following:

  • Research and categorization of user feedback and problems
  • Ideation (forming hypotheses) and discussion with the team
  • Talking to users or potential users if we can
  • Developing personas ans strategy documents (see “Outcome” below)


At the end of this project, we expect to have:

  • A set of user personas / use cases that we’re targeting.
  • A strategy document that outlines user needs and product priorities.
  • A framework that can help us make feature development decisions quickly.
  • This includes a plan for ongoing user research and how it will be integrated into our roadmap planning.


The timeline is short, and we’ll be prioritizing being decisive. This means we may need to course correct in the future as we get more information.



This project will fit into the 2023-07-10 cycle.


We did not get everything planned for this project done by the end of the cycle. We do have:

Next steps are to finalize the strategy and personas and develop a product roadmap once the niche research project is complete in Cycle 2.