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October 2021 meeting notes


Please see 2021-10-26 weekly discussion on GitHub Discussions.


Please see 2021-10-19 weekly discussion on GitHub Discussions.


Topic: Views prototype design review Attendeees: Brent, Ghislaine, Kriti, Pavish, Sean

Action items:

  • Need to add full create view flow to the prototype
  • Add setting lookup columns to the prototype
  • Make sure to add all Figma flows to the prototype from other issues as well
  • We need different flows for one-to-many and many-to-many relationships in views
    • Perhaps ask the user what type they want
      • They should also be able to modify this later
    • Don’t automatically make mapping tables for one-to-many relationships
  • Separate relationships from views
    • When user wants to create a relationship, ask if you want to:
      • link to one record: create a FK in the current table
      • link to multiple records: create a FK in the other (related) tables
      • many to many: create a mapping table
    • Then we can suggest creating a view to show the summary view
    • Views can have summary columns
  • Create new design issues and update existing issues for Views
  • We’ll close existing design discussions and open new ones
  • Set up calls for reviewing future designs as needed (review async first)


  • Views should be about specific columns, not a whole table
    • (for some use cases)
  • Saving filters, sorts, etc. is also views, so that involves a whole table
  • Don’t constrain view creation to just one flow since they serve so many purposes

Improvements to process:

  • Be on the same page about the schema we’re working with
    • e.g. we were all modeling track-album-artist differently in our heads, made talking about it difficult
  • Define design tickets in terms of user scenarios
    • Also specify functionality and technical constraints


Please see 2021-10-12 weekly discussion on GitHub Discussions.


  • Kriti’s availability
    • Kriti’s workload has been too heavy, leaving little time for focused work.
    • Initiatives like ‘Comms Assignee’ useful to make workload more manageable.
    • More PR reviews to be delegated to team members. – using the ‘assign’ functionality
  • Milestone deadlines
    • All deadlines moved to end of December to reduce bureaucracy, deadlines are mostly for priority.
  • Weekly planning
    • Weeks will not be planned in advance, people should just move tasks to active when they need work
  • New project walkthrough
    • New GitHub project to start being used internally, public availability pending.
    • New project to eventually replace current projects view.
  • UCB design project
    • We’re working with UCB student design class on a project
    • image view plugin design
      • let users view images linked to within Mathesar
  • Hiring update and plan
    • Backend interviews ongoing
    • Interviews will happen in parallel with code tasks


Please see 2021-10-05 weekly planning on GitHub Discussions.