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Installation improvements planned for 0.1.2

Date: 2023-03-27 Attendees: Mukesh, Pavish


  • Documentation for setting up Mathesar using a Mathesar Service Docker Image
  • Documentation for setting up Mathesar without using the script for docker-compose
  • Documentation for setting up Mathesar without Docker
  • UI for setting up/connection to user DB
    • Show in the UI for using the same django DB server to create new db if user wants to
    • Show an option to connect to different server
  • Mention in UI that we add custom types (optional) and casting functions (mandatory) in the user DB
  • Update upgrade UI to mention instructions on how to perform an update in non-docker (docker-compose) environments
  • Make our config file easier to for users to understand
    • This should no longer be a concern once we have the UI for installation

Requires discussion

  • Discuss storing connection string
    1. Stored encrypted and decrypted while making connection, or
    2. Connection through encrypted channel?
      • Setup is complicated
      • Requires changes to user db
  • Create desktop packages / add to repos
    • Requires a lot of work and attention
    • Should we prioritize this anytime soon?
    • For 0.1.2, it’s not possible
  • Do we need an image for DB + webserver?
  • Consider removing the interactive installer
    • Removing this would not a priority once documentation is updated for all setup options
  • Use podman for Mathesar
    • Having a single Docker image should solve this. We can add documentation saying users can use either Docker or Podman
  • Helm chart, Kubernetes manifest
    • Not possible for 0.1.2
    • Maybe as a community specified installation option


  • Marius Documentation
  • Add agenda to Wednesday meeting