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User CRM and Interviews

  • Sean and Pavish to identify subset of users from Github to start discussions
  • Sean proposed plan:
    • Identify who we want to reach out to
    • Communication guidelines (email contents, questions)
    • How information is stored and documented

1. Finding people to contact

  • We have a list of emails from mailing list
  • Ghislaine: Clearbit is an API for data enrichment, can be used to segment the list
    • This can give us more info about our subscribers
    • Pavish: seems more useful to send a mass email to everyone
  • Ghislaine: what about putting a pop-up on the website that invites people to participate?
  • Sean identified 27 users to target
    • We’ll send targetted emails to all of them
  • Mass email to our mailing list
    • We’ll send one email to this list. It will include:
      • Funding announcement
      • Invitation to participate in user feedback process
    • It will not include:
      • Release announcement
    • We should send this email after the 0.1.4 release

2. How to reach out to people

  • How do we get their contact info?
    • Sean suggest cloning a git repo to which the user has committed. We can look at the email address and name in their commit.
  • How do we contact them?
    • We’ll email them. No Matrix
  • What is the outcome of the email?
    • To engage them in a conversation. It will be open-ended with an invitation to participate in a call
  • Should we use calendly?
    • We need to research the viability of calendly with multiple people
    • We could have a common account for all of Mathesar
    • Pavish will research and get Calendly set up
  • How do we incentivize them to participate?
    • We’d like to offer gift cards
  • What is the content of our communication?
    • We need a common template
    • Sean will write the first draft of the email template
      • Ghislaine/Pavish/Kriti will review it
  • If we are able to get on a call:
    • what questions do we want to ask them?
    • Who should be on the call?
  • How do we avoid spam traps?
    • Make sure to put this
  • Do we send a follow-up email if people don’t respond?
    • Sean: I don’t think I’d want to bug people more than once
    • We could discuss this later
  • Are there any GDPR concerns here?
    • Pavish thinks no. We’re getting their contact information from publicly available information.

3. CRM to store all the info


  • Mathesar
    • Example of a contact record in Mathesar:
      • Sean: This takes 15 seconds to load. I don’t like it
  • Google Sheets?
    • Hard to take notes
  • Markdown files
    • One markdown file per contact
    • Where would it live? GitHub, HackMD?
    • Ghislaine prefers GitHub
    • Do we need a template? Probably not right away. We’ll move forward without worrying about optimizing the process


  • We’ll use markdown files in a GitHub repo

Next steps

  • Sean will write the first draft of the email message
  • Ghislaine will begin the CRM and collect email addresses
  • Pavish will figure out the Calendly setup

To discuss in the future

  • Details of sending the mass email to the mailing list

Next Meeting

  • We’ll meet weekly. Meeting scheduled for next week.