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2023-06-27 team meeting

Attendees: Core team, Anish, Anshuman

We talked about Mathesar funding and strategy for the first half of the meeting, those meeting notes are not public. Core team members can find them in HackMD.

New team workflow

We’re going back to fixed length cycles.

  • We’ll do 4 week cycles with 2 week breaks.
  • Each cycle will have projects
    • That means projects will be 4 weeks, and should be scoped accordingly.
      • If concerned, reduce scope.
    • The projects system will remain the same – the only difference is that timelines will be restricted to 4 weeks.
    • We need to make sure that individual team members are not overcommitted and each project has the resources it needs.
    • Each person should be owning only one project
    • Participating in at most 2 others.
  • We’ll be using breaks to:
    • have a retrospective
    • release Mathesar
      • Testing
      • bugfixes for found problems
    • plan and approve the next round of projects
    • consider rotating ongoing responsibilities
  • This means releases will happen every 6 weeks.
    • We should figure out how to speed this up in the future, but for now, let’s at least get a standard schedule going.
  • Next cycle starts on July 10.
  • For community work, we need to make sure we leave enough buffer to deal with community PRs and mentoring.

Project approval process

Projects for the next cycle will be discussed and approved at core team meetings during breaks.

We ran out of time and will continue talking on Thursday.