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Forms Research

Name: Forms Research Status: In progress Theme: Product research



We probably don’t need to be this detailed for everything; this is just to show the range of options.

Role Assignee Notes
Owner Dom
Collaborator Ghislaine
Approver Kriti Needs to approve project plan


We want to know if there’s a form-like feature-set we could implement without too much effort that would actually be useful to our probable userbase.


It is not obvious that copying competing solutions would be a useful strategy, so we’re largely looking at survey/interview research as the source of insight. Intersects with the “Gathering User Feedback” project.

  • Build the qualifying survey
  • Perform the qualifying survey
  • Analyze the qualifying survey
  • Perform qualitative interviews with those that qualified in the survey
    • Use the jobs-to-be-done framework
  • Analyze the qualitative interviews
    • Doesn’t involve writing a product spec


  • Project might take too long
    • Reasons why this might happen
      • This kind of research is new to me, learning is involved
    • It is easy to get carried away with research
  • Setting deadlines might help



This section collects project related resources. It’s expected that there might not be anything here until the project plan is approved, and this section will grow over the project’s timeframe.


This project should take 5 weeks.


Please adjust as needed depending on the steps for the project.

Date Outcome
2023-06-02 Qualifying survey built
2023-06-?? Qualifying survey begins
2023-06-?? Qualifying survey ends
2023-06-?? Qualifying survey analyzed
2023-06-?? Qualitative interviews begin
2023-06-?? Qualitative interviews end
2023-06-?? Qualitative interviews analyzed