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Pavish’s work log archive: 2023-10

2023-10-31 Tuesday

  • Continued testing Cypress
  • Attempted a basic setup with our dev environment
  • User interviews check-in
  • Responded to Dave from Kubeworkz

2023-10-30 Monday

  • Call with Sean on Database connections UX
  • Sent mail on workspaces
  • Responded to Dave from Kubeworkz

2023-10-27 Friday

  • User call with Alexander and Brent
  • Team event
  • Call with Kriti & Sean for user interview followup
  • Call with Rajat

2023-10-26 Thursday

  • Chat with Brent on GH actions & workflows
  • Respond to the DB connection UI mail
  • User call preparation meeting with Kriti & Brent
  • WMF call with Kriti & SJ
  • SJ wasn’t able to join, Kriti and I had a 1:1

2023-10-25 Wednesday

  • Continued testing Wikibase, Wikidata, and Commons:Structured_Data
  • Prepared a set of questions to ask SJ for WMF integration
  • Call with Kriti on WMF questions
  • Call with Dom
  • Call with Mukesh

2023-10-24 Tuesday

  • Spent time filling out CRM by finding user details
  • Prepared drafts to send out to some of the users, got it reviewed, and sent the mails
  • Reviewed, added a commit to fix types, and merged Use cell value for fk referenced columns
  • Installed Wikibase locally to test it out

2023-10-23 Monday

  • Continued reading more about Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons:Structured Data and tested OpenRefine
  • Call with Kriti

2023-10-20 Friday

  • Debugged Matrix, call with Brent
  • Call with Sean on DB connections
  • Took an initial look at Wikibase for upcoming call with SJ

2023-10-19 Thursday

  • Started writing a initial set of E2E tests with Cypress as a POC
  • This is to test speed of writing tests vs Playwright

2023-10-18 Wednesday

  • Call on Permissions UX
  • Added leads from survey to CRM
  • Drafted email template for survey leads
  • Sent out emails to two survey leads

2023-10-17 Tuesday

  • Responded to Sean’s mail on DB connections
  • Responded to Brent’s mail on Permissions UX
  • User interview feedback project meeting
  • Call on Permissions UX

2023-10-16 Monday



  • Looked into Cypress as a potential E2E testing solution
  • User interview call with SJ and Kriti


  • (Had a day off due to family emergency)


  • Frontend walk through call with Anish
  • User feedback meeting call
  • Call for User Interview Phase 1 plan finalization


  • (Had a partial workday due to family commitments)
  • Started writing up project for E2E testing strategy
  • Re-reviewed and approved Db connection UI #3223


  • Architecture call with Brent
  • Figured out steps to schedule calls in SavvyCal with common account
  • Call to discuss UX for database connections



  • Continued reviewing Db connection UI #3223
  • Sync with Mukesh
  • Tried to find more options in SavvyCal for scheduling calls under a team email