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The maintainers maintain the project on a day-to-day basis. We previously called this group the “core team”.

Name Matrix GitHub Roles
Anish Umale @Anish9901 Engineering
Brent Moran @mathemancer Engineering
Ghislaine Guerin @ghislaineguerin Product, Design
Kriti Godey @kgodey Project lead, Product, Engineering
Pavish Kumar Ramani Gopal @pavish Engineering
Sean Colsen @seancolsen Engineering

Staff members

These team members also work on Mathesar, but do not maintain the open source project.

Name Matrix GitHub Roles
Adam Mullinax N/A Operations, finance, strategy
Kailash Sithambaram @kailashmathesar Executive Assistant

Community Team

The community team contributes to Mathesar’s design and development fairly regularly and has write access to the mathesar repository and wiki. For now, joining the community team is invite-only.

Name Matrix GitHub Roles
Dhruv Bhanushali @dhruvkb Engineering (backend, frontend)
Dhruvi Butti @Dhruvi16 Design
Eamon Ito-Fisher @eito-fis Engineering (backend)
MarĂ­a Guaranda @soccerdroid Intern (summer 2022 & 2023), Engineering (backend)
Jinxiao Li @Jinxiao0302 GSoC ‘22 contributor
Yurii Palaida @Jyuart GSoC ‘22 contributor
Gabriel Sotomayor @mr-gabe49 Engineering (frontend)
Han Yang @ppii775 Design
Anshuman Maurya @IamEzio GSoC ‘23 contributor
Aritra Majumder @@Aritra8438 GSoC ‘23 contributor
Varsha D R @varshadr Summer ‘23 volunteer
Shrey Tripathi @shrey27tri01 Summer ‘23 volunteer
Mukesh Murali @silentninja Engineering (backend), core team emeritus
Dominykas Mostauskis @dmos62 Engineering (backend), core team emeritus
Rajat Vijay TBD @rajatvijay Engineering (frontend), core team emeritus


Name Matrix GitHub Roles
Zack Krida @zackkrida Engineering (frontend) on the Community Team