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Release process


  1. Plan the release — this is done in Basecamp and GitHub milestones
  2. Cut the release
  3. QA the release and write the release notes
  4. Publish the release
  5. Update our servers
  6. Announce the release


Some of the commands within our release process require you to have the following utilities installed.

  • buildx

    Depending on how you installed Docker, you may already have this. Verify with:

    docker buildx version

    Your version of buildx needs to contain the “cloud driver”. We think buildx 0.12.1 or newer should suffice. You may need to install Docker 25.0.3 or newer to get this version of buildx.

  • Create a local instance of our cloud driver:

    docker buildx create --driver cloud mathesar/release-builder

    This will create a Docker container on your system. You’ll need to do this step again if you delete that container at some point.

  • gh (aka the GitHub CLI)

    Verify with:

    gh --version