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Weekly Discussion


We’re no longer doing these.

At the beginning of each week, we start a discussion on GitHub Discussions to review Mathesar’s progress, provide updates to the community, and to check in about our process and workload. Everyone is welcome to add a new topic to discuss or to comment on existing topics.

Core team members are required to participate, others are welcome.

All weekly discussions can be found here.

Posting a Discussion

Quick notes on posting discussions. This is usually Kriti’s responsibility, but other people on the core team might need to post discussions sometimes if Kriti is unavailable.

  • Create a new discussion in the Planning category.
  • Set the label to status: draft when you are constructing the discussion.
  • Make sure to link back to each top-level topic from the main topic.
  • Set the label to status: started when the discussion is ready for contribution. Post to the General channel on Matrix saying the discussion is up.
  • Once the discussion is complete, set the label to status: done.