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2024-03-27 staff meeting notes

Welcome Mishelle

  • Mishelle is our new EA, via Magic
  • We did introductions

0.1.6 release check-in

  • What’s left to do?
  • Timing and responsibilities


  • Pending item: Update Release notes, review, and merge
    • Anish is prioritizing that
    • Sean might be available to review, if not, Kriti will review and merge
  • ETA of release
    • Anish is working on release notes changes
    • Tomorrow

Increasing development velocity

  • What’s slowing us down?
    • User calls
    • Research for user help
    • Admin work
      • Notes, CRM updates
      • Marketing monitoring
    • Context switching
    • Troubleshooting user reported issues
    • Marketing tasks
    • Discussions
    • Planning / specs
  • How can we speed things up?
  • Designated “put fires out” person every release?
  • Are we having too many discussions?
  • Any other ideas?


What’s slowing us down?

Pavish’s response from email:

I’d like to not talk to users, not work on marketing tasks, reduce discussions, and focus entirely on coding until we get the Beta out. I’m also going to hit a pause on conferences/talks after the one I have on April 6.

  • Brent:
    • We’re discussing and planning too much and coding too little.
    • Pessimistic on the timing (June)
      • Backend work is currently blocked because we’re still planning stuff
    • We discuss, plan, and get into this cycle, and code little. We should be bold and go forward instead of spending a lot of time on discussions.
    • Should be willing to be wrong, and fix it later.
    • Much bigger priority than user calls
  • Pavish:
    • Not a lot of value in installation calls at this point, Mathesar doesn’t seem like it will help people just yet
      • Maybe try to get information async
      • Not worth engineering time before stable version / beta
    • Marketing
      • Conferences + talks
    • Need to focus on coding
  • Ghislaine:
    • Over documenting stuff and not getting started with designing sooner
      • We could reduce the documentations to conversations
  • Anish:
    • Installation requests take time, mostly identifying what went wrong because user doesn’t provide enough information
    • There’s a lot of back and forth with the user
    • Brent adds: this is a matter of professional / personal curiosity, but it’s very time consuming to debug
      • Some users like Alasdiar have issues mostly to do with k8s and not Mathesar. Figuring out what’s wrong with their installation is very time consuming.
      • Not worth it at this juncture.
  • Sean:
    • Hardly spent time coding recently
      • A symptom of the low-velocity problem
    • Reduce marketing efforts like reducing user calls
    • Suggests that we change our approach to product design to design more modular features that users can compose in more powerful ways. E.g. our custom types functionality, the data explorer
    • Performance problems are blocking us from endorsing Mathesar, so in a way, we haven’t genuinely launched Mathesar
      • After Beta, we could spent a lot of time marketing
      • Kriti:
        • Our objective was to see what people think of Mathesar when we launched.
        • Now we have a clear idea of what’s preventing users getting started with Mathesar. We had no external feedback before launch.
    • Different process for planning
      • Very important to make sure everyone’s on the same page
      • We need more planning but the right kind of planning
      • A top down approach might be better than everyone pitching in and figuring things out together
        • Could be either Kriti for everything, or one “owner” who is empowered to make decisions
          • Like Brent: architecture and Pavish: permissions
          • Specs could be very useful, opinion diverges from Brent
          • 1:1 conversations to get it to completion
          • Spec is source of truth, interface that glues other conversations together
      • Brent’s “rebuttal”:
        • Agrees it makes sense for architecture notes
        • There’s no source of truth for permissions, it’s nice to have a spec
          • HackMD, Figma
        • Brent doesn’t want to have specs for too far into the future, just this month
      • Pavish:
        • Permissions had 1:1 conversations, but UX/DB concerns are different, the documents were meant to discussions

What do we do about it?

  • Come back to how to build new features discussions (specs, planning, higher-level product design) after beta
  • This call, focus on beta action items
  • Permissions - sort out metadata permissions
  • Talking to users is not worth engineering time, not high value
    • Definitely not worth two engineers
    • Sean can join without much prep
  • Disable request installation help on the site
  • No more conferences until we have Beta, other than the ones we’ve already planned
  • Reducing context switching:
    • Eg., Logging things in CRM can be taken over by Mishelle
    • Brent: User requests, handling bugs
      • Would have to recreate a setup to get into these and it’s affecting current work.
      • It might be better for us if users reported bugs on GH than sending an installation help email
  • How much work do we put into troubleshooting?
    • Kriti: Having a person every release to put fires out i.e. identifying severity of issues in each release
      • Sean: This is something I consider part of the repo admin work to identify the severity of issues and loop people in as necessary
      • Sean’s just going to do this, no rotation for efficiency
  • Planning:
    • Don’t add things, focus on beta stuff
    • Plan multiple releases out?
      • No
  • Discussions:
    • Time spent is fine, blockages are bad
    • Moratorium on ticket planning meeting until after beta
    • team events stay as-is
    • weekly meetings stay as-is
    • people consider 1:1s on their own, reduce if needed
    • Mishelle is going to take care of incoming communications like syften
      • Sean responds to Syften notification like discussions that come up on Reddit
        • Sean will continue doing that

Beta timeline

Which release should we aim to be the beta?


  • Pavish proposed June
    • Brent:
      • We can do enough on the new architecture by June
      • Blocked by outside influence so not sure about committing to the timeline
        • Metadata permissions
      • Once we have plan for the first few steps, we can get started on code
      • There will be frontend work for it and there’ll be back and forth. We will not be implementing this for a month.
      • It might take July (Pretty aggressive deadline).
        • We’ll have to cut scope in May based on this deadline.
  • What’s blocking permissions backend work?
    • Mainly namespaces for metadata permissions
  • Deadline: July
    • Including backend, frontend, testing
    • Backend will do tables and columns, then frontend can work on that while backend moves on to other things
  • Sean:
    • Unknowns:
      • Metadata: Doesn’t change time whatever approach we go with
      • Schema level permissions

Permissions discussions

This was a short meeting after the staff meeting, attended by Kriti, Brent, Pavish, and Sean

  • Metadata permissions - decision made
    • Users will be tied to the exploration permissions directly instead of the role.
    • We’ll have to tie roles and exploration permissions to the Mathesar user
    • Having a single option to read/read-write Mathesar metadata (includes Explorations & all metadata namespaced on the database)
  • What is a base in Mathesar - Schemas vs Databases? - decision made
    • Users will create a role with access to just a particular schema, and the permission will depend on that role. There will be a user database entry where the permissions for metadata will also be setup.