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Design Hand-Off

The Design Hand-Off document contains the necessary information, links to assets, supporting documentation, and a high-level overview of the functionality to be delivered for implementing a design. The design hand-off is created as a throwaway document, to be used only during the implementation phase. Once the design is implemented, it should lead to subsequent updates to permanent design documents such as component libraries.


  • After reading the document, the team should have a conceptual understanding of the current state of the design, the desired design state, and the necessary actions for implementing it.
  • The team should be able to identify and resolve any remaining issues or gaps in the design before implementation.


The design hand-off document covers the following aspects of the design:

User Experience


User Interface


Once the team is done reading the design hand-off document, the implementation phase can begin. There are several steps to follow in the implementation phase to ensure that the design implementation lives up to the requirements in the hand-off document.