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Mathesar Team Workflow

Mathesar work happens on GitHub. We create GitHub issues to track everything we’re working on for both design and code.

We track our tasks in the Mathesar GitHub project.

We’re reorganizing our team workflow into projects and ongoing responsibilities.

Creating pull requests

  • All pull requests should follow the code review rules.
  • All external contributors need to open an issue first before creating a pull request.
  • Team members are allowed to create PRs for minor changes without a related issue.

In case of breaking API changes

This process is only valid until we have a first user. Then, it should be reviewed.

  • Try to implement API changes in ways that do not cause breakage.

In case that’s unavoidable:

  1. Finish the changes to the API, and open a PR. This should be well documented, with a clear description of what the breaking changes are.
  2. Contact a front end dev directly, and ask them to look at the PR. At this point, they should just assess whether the needed front end changes are quick, easy, and feasible with a short turnaround time.
  3. Go through the normal review process for the back end code and API form to the point where all are happy with the API response format.
  4. If the front end devs are able to make appropriate front end changes easily and quickly, they should do so in the same PR.
  5. If not (i.e., if front end devs are busy, if it’s too complicated, or if the back end PR’s unmerged state starts to block too many things): merge the PR with a big warning (i.e., a comment @’ing multiple people).
  6. File an urgent bug describing the changes to the back end, and the needed changes to the front end.


For a list of public repos and other resources, see GitHub.

Private resources

These resources are only available to the Mathesar core or community team at the moment.